Solid carbide drill KUD drill, no inner cold Features and advantages Kenna Universal ™ drill, inside do not have cold performance. Multi-functional SC is excellent in machining of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other materials, especially suitable for small and medium-sized machinery processing plants. Good versatility can reduce theRead More →

The Nanobore applies to very small diameters. With the range of 0.3 to 8 mm (0.012 “to 0.315”), it provides the smallest diameter of boring. Nanobore provide + / – 3 (including m aperture precision and good surface roughness Ra = 0.6, you can work out the best hole geometryRead More →

EPB 610 – rough boring head EPB 610 rough boring head is a short, simple and tough boring head for rough machining. They adopt compact design, and the shorter knife body maximizes the rigidity of the boring component, reducing the weight to speed up the change of knife and spindleRead More →

boring head It is necessary to use the proper tool to achieve the positioning accuracy, pore geometry size, and surface roughness. We have a wide range of boring head and bridge series to provide suitable solutions for your specific hole processing applications. We provide one-stop service for all your boringRead More →

PCD conventional turning – ISO blade Company produces the Secomax ™ PCD material level using unique formula, can be in the processing of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other non-ferrous metal materials significantly reduced the cost of production. PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is an advanced material which is formed by sinteringRead More →