Adjust the attachment-cutting tool,high-speed steel end mill

Adjust the attachment-cutting tool,high-speed steel end mill

Adjust the attachment

Adjusting the attachment series allows you to set the tool quickly and precisely to ensure that your application can benefit from the maximum precision of the clamping system and the handle

TOOL BOY – component support

The Tool Boy can be conveniently installed in the Tool car, allowing the Tool parts to rotate 360 degrees to facilitate the use of various installation and dismantling modes. The tool parts can be rotated on a horizontal plane and are fixed at a horizontal position so that the cutter can be clamped with a much smaller force than usual. This simple and user-friendly design allows users to quickly and easily remove cutting tools on the handle.

Master gauge

Calibration gauge is used to check clamping capability of hydraulic clamps. Insert the calibration gauge into the clamp before the operation, then tighten the clamping screw until you can’t rotate the calibration gauge. Then, you can press before fully tighten the screw tighten at least three full circles (for ∅ 6 mm and ∅ 8 mm, 2.5). This confirms the clamping capability of the clamp.

Note: detailed control instructions are provided in the operating instructions of the hydraulic clamps.

Thermal equipment

Thermal expansion equipment provides automatic and programmable mode. With two series – Easyshrink 15 and Easyshrink 20 – and a full set of accessories, you can meet the most demanding customer needs.

Automatic and programmable heating mode allows for safe use of these devices and reduces the risk of overheating of the heat expansion handle. In addition, these patterns provide programmable custom heating cycles for specific requirements, such as the possible requirements for certain tools and custom handles.

It has the induction heating of the heat expansion clamping and the thermal expansion loosening function. For hard alloy and heavy metal, the heating range is 3 to 32 mm. For steel and high-speed steel (HSS), 6 to 32 mm. Induction heating can achieve heat expansion clamping and expansion release in a few seconds. In addition, multiple cooling solutions are provided, which can quickly cool the handle by avoiding the controlled flow of the handle.

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