Fixed swivel-machine tool, turning tool

Fixed swivel-machine tool, turning tool

Fixed swivel

The company provides a comprehensive series of fixed transfer products, which can be used in horizontal or vertical lathe, machining center, slide frame machine tool and multi-function machine tool. These products can be used for spindle, turntable, accessory spindle and semi-turntable.

Turn the joint with a tool with a handle

A tool with a handle provides a wide range of connections for a square turning tool handle.

Boring bar swivel

The standard boring rod rotary joint series provides a wide range of flexible tool sizes for rough boring and fine boring. Boring can be used to enlarge existing hole and improve the quality of existing hole.

Cut off adapter

The rotary joint used to cut off the blade and tool holder provides a complete tool system for cutting or deep groove processing with the long suspension. Cutting and cutting is a kind of cutting type which has extensive processing and application. It needs to be used for general turning tool. You need to consider this connection to make the best use of the cutter for the best results

Clamp unit – the seco-capto adapter

Seco – Capto ™ clamping unit provides a flexible modular system, thus the same adapter can be used for more than one machine, and you can use extension rod parts build tools.

The seco-capto system can achieve high torque transmission and excellent rigidity and precision through a tough self-aligning joint (precision 2 mm). Seco-capto backend can be used for turning, boring, thread machining and rotary cutting tools in slot applications as well as stationary knives.

Operating the attachment

The company provides a wide range of operating accessories to ensure that you make the best use of your tool gripper system.

Cooling fluid tube

The handle of HSK Form A, B, D or E must be equipped with A coolant tube or A sealing plug, which can be determined according to the specific requirements of the machine tool. Use of a handle that does not have a coolant or seal plug may cause damage to the invisible spindle.

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