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With the developing of machine tools and tool materials, technological progress, high-speed cutting technology has been developed by leaps and bounds. At present, the internationally renowned tool companies own a high-speed aluminum alloy processing carbide cutting tool products. Among them: J Tools, F company products are more mature, full range,Read More →

Microprocessing solid carbide end milling cutter The solid carbide vertical milling cutter series consists of a square shoulder milling cutter with a small diameter and a ball head cutter. General tools are used for common workpiece materials, and special tools are used for graphite and hardened steel applications. All knivesRead More →

Advanced roughing solid carbide end milling cutter Shan gao provides a series of specialized solid carbide cutting tools designed for advanced machining strategy. The optimal performance can be provided by optimized cutting length, multiple cutting edges, slot grooves, and a modern tool path loop that attaches high importance to controlledRead More →

Company performance machining solid carbide end milling cutter provides a complete range of high-performance solid carbide end milling cutter to provide users with top-notch productivity and longer tool life. JS553/JS554 high-performance – square shoulder – general – 3-4 blades Double core, different pitch, SIRA coating Dc 2-25 mm, 0.125-1 in, edgeRead More →

Solid end mill The company has comprehensive hard alloy and hss-co end milling cutter, which can help you deal with many challenges easily. These vertical mills provide a variety of groove, material grades, and coatings that allow you to cut any workpiece material in the best way, such as aluminumRead More →

Dimpling mills The face milling cutter is the blind hole and sink hole of the milling cutter’s surface. Key advantages include smooth cutting, reducing spindle bearing wear through a highly balanced tool, through a central lock clamping system, all projects in an economical solution. Chamfering mills Seco chamfer mills offersRead More →

Diving mills Seco provides the most comprehensive assembly of drilling tools. Removing a large amount of material in the shortest time is the most effective milling process. Because of its high material removal rate, it is ideal to reduce the cutting tool in 3d milling applications. Large turbo – 2Read More →