Replaceable tool head milling cutter-vertical milling cutter,solid cutting tool

Replaceable tool head milling cutter-vertical milling cutter,solid cutting tool

Replaceable tool head milling cutter

With the use of the mountain high replaceable tool head milling cutter, it is only need to replace the worn blade instead of the whole cutter, thus saving the cost significantly. They adopt a highly secure tool/knife bar interface to ensure stable performance in rough machining and semi-finishing operations. In addition, they can use multiple blades, increase flexibility, and minimize tool inventory.

MINIMASTER super little devil

Minimaster ™ super small devil king is a new generation of replaceable head vertical milling cutter series products. The replaceable blade cutter system is based on the successful experience of the industry-leading Minimaster small demon king system, which can reach the highest accuracy and productivity level.

The solid cutting tool/knife-bar interface enables the Minimaster super small demon king to cope with greater cutting force, thus allowing the vertical mills to provide greater metal cutting rates in rough and semi-finishing.

Minimaster is a cost-effective solution that allows users to replace worn blades instead of the entire cutter. In addition, the replaceable blade applicable to different toolbars also allows for higher cutting parameters, eliminating heavy grinding and ensuring consistent tool life.

The blade is replaced quickly and easily, because it is not necessary to remove the toolbar from the handle or machine tool, and it is not necessary to remeasure the whole part. After the blade is replaced, the axial and radial position remains the same, achieving the highest accuracy.

The Minimaster super little devil provides a two-edged, three-edged, four-edged, five-blade and eight-blade model that can process all types of material. The two-blade and three-blade model has an internal cooling channel, which can ensure accurate cooling and efficient discharge.

The four blade head USES a larger spiral Angle and shorter blade length (0.7 xD), which can significantly improve the stability. Whether in demanding applications or at the end of the cutting tool is longer than the whole blade 5 axis machining of more frequent, more make the cutting head is especially suitable for the stability of a large amount of material removed.

The five-blade and eight-blade model are recommended for contour milling.

The Minimaster super small demon king series has a diameter range of 10-16 mm (0.39 “-0.63”), which can provide flexible blades and a combination of knives and poles.