Let me introduce myself, my name is Abdel working as the Pro  group. PSC is a leading integrated company in the field of construction and design-build industrial structures in Egypt. We have a sister company  is a specialist applicator in the fields of concrete flooring, protective coatings, post-tension Slabs buildingRead More →

cutting tool calloytool

With the developing of machine tools and tool materials, technological progress, high-speed cutting technology has been developed by leaps and bounds. At present, the internationally renowned tool companies own a high-speed aluminum alloy processing carbide cutting tool products. Among them: J Tools, F company products are more mature, full range,Read More →

Microprocessing solid carbide end milling cutter The solid carbide vertical milling cutter series consists of a square shoulder milling cutter with a small diameter and a ball head cutter. General tools are used for common workpiece materials, and special tools are used for graphite and hardened steel applications. All knivesRead More →

Advanced roughing solid carbide end milling cutter Shan gao provides a series of specialized solid carbide cutting tools designed for advanced machining strategy. The optimal performance can be provided by optimized cutting length, multiple cutting edges, slot grooves, and a modern tool path loop that attaches high importance to controlledRead More →

Company performance machining solid carbide end milling cutter provides a complete range of high-performance solid carbide end milling cutter to provide users with top-notch productivity and longer tool life. JS553/JS554 high-performance – square shoulder – general – 3-4 blades Double core, different pitch, SIRA coating Dc 2-25 mm, 0.125-1 in, edgeRead More →